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Omid Saadat

info@omid-saadat.com | omid-saadat.com | linkedin.com/in/omidsaadat

Passionate about video games, game development, and technical challenges. Expert in Unity3D, C#, and 3D modeling with extensive experience in game programming, tool development, and technical artistry.

Capabilities & Experiences:

  • Shader Programming: Node-based and Code-based
  • Tool Development: Stand-alone, Editor Extensions, and In-Game Tools
  • Procedural Generation: Textures, Meshes, Levels, etc.
  • VFX, Simulation and Particle Systems
  • Game Architecture & Design Patterns: MVC, ECS, DDD
  • Automated Build Pipelines & CI/CD: GitLab Runner and Jenkins


Senior Technical Artist at Ubisoft Blue Byte [01-2024 - Present][Dusseldorf/Germany]

  • Developed shaders for MR/VR projects in Unity.
  • Actively participated in rapid prototyping and development of multiple projects.

Freelance Technical Artist at Gameloft Toronto [07-2022 - 04-2023][Istanbul/Turkey]

  • Optimized art pipeline for increased development speed supporting both legacy in-house engine and Unity
  • Profiled and optimized game performance for mobile devices using Unity Profiler
  • Developed tools for artists and designers to improve workflow and reduce human error
  • Prepared educational materials on technical requirements for different teams, such as Git for artists

Lead Programmer and Technical Artist at LeMoonade [10-2021 - 07-2022][Istanbul/Turkey]

  • Provided technical solutions, technology, shaders, tools, and pipeline for a blockchain-based game
  • Created a fully interactive 3D static website using Unity for CryptoRoomZ Project to introduce the product, showcase the work, and show off technical capabilities.
  • Developed a dedicated task execution system for executing website interactive object behaviors.

Technical Artist At Cafe Bazaar [09-2020 – 07-2021][Karaj/Iran]

  • Provided technical solutions, technology, shaders, tools, and pipeline to four different F2P mobile game titles.
  • Developed an optimized and easy-to-use camera system for game designers in a racing game.
  • Wrote an editor tool called OpenJuice for developers and designers to juice up two games.
  • Prepared comprehensive documentation containing standards for 2D and 3D art pipelines for +30 people.
  • Conducted two teams of +10 developers and artists to optimize assets and codes. Analyzed and optimized projects to satisfy art and performance needs and keep the balance between beautiful and fast.

Lead Game Programmer At Arsam Robotics [01-2020 – 12-2021][Part-Time][Karaj/Iran]

  • Provided technology, tools, and pipeline for a physical/digital toy with four digital games.
  • Provided solutions in challenging situations based on deadlines, budget, and human resources.
  • Formed a team of 2 other developers to have an optimized pipeline, delivering data from android native image processing library to Unity.
  • Coded an API in Unity to map Android native image processing data into in-game events and data.

Gameplay Programmer At Garaj Games [10-2019 – 10-2020][Tehran/Iran]

  • Implemented core gameplay mechanics in Unity using C# for a Match3 game.
  • Built an editor tool in Unity for game designers to make +10 levels per day.
  • Developed a bot in Unity to play levels and measure their difficulty and playability.

Freelance Game Programmer At Cultural Infusion [07-2018 – 09-2019][Karaj/Iran]

  • Structured DDD (Data Driven Design) architectures for fast, responsive music-based games in Unity.
  • Effectively implemented procedural workflows to convert designed levels into JSON format and read them in Unity to increase development speed.
  • Worked closely with other teams, including game design, art, back-end, and test, to consider game performance, stability, and maintainability.

Iran Game Development Institute [10-2017 – 10-2018][Part-Time][Tehran/Iran]

  • Taught Unity game engine to beginner-level students.
  • Taught the best architectures and features to use with the Unity game engine in advanced game development courses to intermediate students.

Game Programmer At Pooyegaam [08-2017 – 07-2018][Tehran/Iran]

  • The technically managed development process in a highly challenging online pet game, reporting and presenting regular progress to the CEO to ensure the project is on the right path.
  • Coded a framework with dependency injection in Unity for an extendable and maintainable game.
  • Worked closely with game development and marketing teams to make sure the development process met final product requirements.

Senior Game Programmer At Electro Gryphon Games [09-2015 – 08-2017][Tehran/Iran]

  • Built game prototypes and technical demos to be able to feel raw ideas.
  • Built editor tools for game designers and artists to validate their designed levels and produced assets.
  • Programmed gameplay and maintained code-base using Unity and C# for a top-down shooter game for mobile platforms.

Game Programmer And Tool Developer At Bitbyterz [01-2014 – 09-2015][Tehran/Iran]

  • Wrote gameplay, UI, and editor tools for game designers and artists for Memoranda (A point-Click adventure game based on Murakami novels).

Game Programmer And 3D Generalist At Shexel [03-2012 – 01-2015][Part-Time][Tehran/Iran]

  • Created complex 3D models using 3D Studio Max, Maya, Blender, and Zbrush, UV(Unwrapping), Textured using Photoshop and Gimp, and rendered game cinematics and animations using VRay, MentalRay, and Lumion.
  • Designed, made prototypes, and wrote three games and two mobile applications using GameMaker Studio.

Senior Character/Environment Artist At Fsr Company [09-2007 – 10-2013][Karaj/Iran]

  • Modeled 3D environment and characters, Unwrap, and texture.
  • Mentored 3D animator to achieve usable character rigs and animations in-game
  • Created max scripts tools to automatically bake lighting in five levels and export them from 3dsMax into Leadwerks game engine.


Karaj Islamic Azad University (KIAU), 2006-2010 - Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Graphics


  • Best Game Award for SATYAR: RETURN TO PARSEH on 2nd Broadcast Engineering Conference, 2007


  • Video games: Heroes of the Storm, Journey, Engareh, Devil may cry 3, The Neverhood, Kingdom Rush, Plant vs. Zombies, Genshin Impact, HomeScapes!
  • Board games: Catan, Saboteur, Carcassonne
  • Anime: One Piece, Naruto, Black Clover
  • Music: Folklore, Pop, Jazz